General Water Availability – The District encourages everyone to use water wisely to avoid unnecessary waste. Please notify the District if you observe water running down the road or along ditches as this may indicate a leak in our system.

Billing – Billing starts from the day of ownership. BE AWARE THAT IF YOU RENT THE PROPERTY OUT YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WATER CHARGES IF THE RENTER SHOULD FAIL TO PAY THEM AS WATER IS ATTACHED TO THE PROPERTY AND NOT THE OCCUPANT. The Pine Brook Water District sends out bills around the first of each month, IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A BILL YOU SHOULD CALL THE WATER DISTRICT OFFICE. Failure to notify the Water District that you are not receiving a bill can still result in the account being considered delinquent. Bills that are not paid by the 25th of each month will be considered delinquent and assessed a late charge of 10% for that month.
Two months of non-payment triggers a turn off notice to be issued with a fee of $25.00 added to your bill. Failure to pay after the issuance of a turn off notice will be cause for your water service to be discontinued. Water service will only be re-started after the account has been paid in full including a re-connection fee of $50.00.
The District will not accept two party checks.
Any returned checks will be charged a $15.00 returned check fee.

Water Service Lines – The property owner is responsible for the water service line and water from the meter pit to the residence. Water meter pits cannot be shared with other homes and/or lots. Use of water without a water meter is not allowed and shall result in immediate turn off and a penalty of $135.00 shall be assessed for each month of suspected violation. The homeowner will notify the District of any work that is to be done over the water service line so that the District may review such plans beforehand and approve same. This action is aimed at the prevention of reduced coverage and potential subsequent freezing of the service lines.

Meter Pits – Water meter pits must be kept clear of plants or landscaping. Water meter pits must be accessible so that the Pine Brook Water District employees can reasonably access them for maintenance. DO NOT BURY OR OTHER WISE OBSTRUCT METER PITS! Owners will be charged for damaged or broken meter pits, covers, and radio read devices.

Frozen Pipes – Under no circumstances will the District be responsible for thawing of frozen pipes or damage caused by the same that occurs beyond the meter pit. The District has a list of suggestions available on how to prevent frozen pipes.

Pressure Regulators – Because of the unique problems of serving a mountain water district, which can result in a wide variation of pressures, including very high pressures, all homes are required to have a pressure regulator unless specifically exempted by the manager of the District. While pressure regulators help protect against high pressure they are not a guarantee that they will always protect against high pressure. The District is not responsible for any problems or damage caused by high-pressure surges that are beyond its control. In higher pressure areas the District suggests the use of two pressure regulators to "step down" the pressure. Existing homes should already have a pressure regulator(s) in place though they will need to be occasionally serviced or replaced.
The District also suggests that if/when possible, installing pressure gauges before and after the pressure regulator(s) allows you to know when your pressure regulators are working properly or need to be repaired/replaced.

Backflow Prevention Devices – A backflow check valve or device is required to protect the water system from contamination of backflow from the home into the water main system. Any connections that either use piping not rated for non-potable use or that will have other chemicals added to the water (i.e. hot water heat systems, fire sprinkler systems, etc.) will be required to have the appropriate type of backflow prevention device. Existing homes should already have a backflow device(s) in place though they will need to be occasionally serviced or replaced.

Interruption of Service – In times of emergency or mandated repair the District has the right to temporarily cut off water supplies to homes to accomplish the necessary repairs. The District will advise all customers of such interruptions where practicable. The District shall not be liable for any damage or inconvenience suffered by customers for said work.

Fire Hydrants – During times that fire hydrants are used, either to fight a fire or to flush the water lines, large amounts of water are moved which may cause discolored water. When practicable, the District will try to notify all customers of such a possibility. The District shall not be liable for any damage or inconvenience suffered by customers of such activities.

Drought Response – The District has a "Drought Response Plan" for times of extreme water shortages, copies are available under the “Water Info” tab.

Leak Rates – The District has a "Leak Rate" policy for in house leaks (i.e. broken water pipe) that grants a discounted rate for excessive usage, please contact the office for a copy or for more information about this policy.

Rights of Ways – Any improvements placed in utility or water rights of ways are to be approved before installation and are done so at the owners own risk. If the District needs to work in such a right a way and improvements have been installed they may be removed and will not be replaced by the District.

New Construction/Remodel Rules – There are additional rules and requirements for new homes being built or homes being remodeled, please contact the office for a copy of those rules and requirements.

Tap Fees – Tap fees that have been paid on properties are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a different property. They are transferred from one owner to another for the same property (i.e. you have paid the tap fee and then sell the property the tap is then transferred to the new owner of the property).