The Pine Brook Water District Directors are citizens of the Water District who were elected by the voters of the District to serve on the Board. There are five Directors who serve on the Board. Their duty is to set policy, approve the budget and give overall guidance & direction of the District.

The Pine Brook Water District has an election every two years in even numbered years. The last election was 2018 and the next will be in 2020, and then 2022, etc. A notice is sent out before every election so those parties interested in serving on the Board have the opportunity to file the necessary papers to be part of the election process. The number of Directors who have to stand for election varies at each election but at a minimum at least two members of the Board have to stand for election each election year. 

If a vacancy occurs between election years, then the Board is charged, by law, with appointing someone to serve the remainder of the term of the position vacated.