South Cedar Brook Main Repair

On February 14th, 2019, Pine Brook Water was attempting a repair of a leak in the 300 block of South Cedar Brook. A slow leak of approximately 10 gallons per minute had been located after flowing for over 30 days without surfacing. The break was found and a repair clamp was placed. When the main was recharged, it was quickly obvious there were additional problems as the excavation quickly filled with water. The decision was made to replace a 30 foot section of main as there were 3 other repairs within this section. When the old section of main was cut out, a hole was found just below the newest repair which showed evidence of improper handling at installation in the mid-60’s. Crews worked until well past midnight and everyone affected had water when they woke up the next morning.

Meadowlook Tank Painting

In 2018 the 50,000 gallon tank on Meadowlook was painted inside and out. Work included pressure washing the exterior, sandblasting the interior, patching holes, moving the overflow pipe, adding a larger vent, and painting both the interior and exterior. Major portions of this project were paid for with FEMA flood recovery money.

2013 Flood

The September 2013 Boulder Flood impacted the District in a multitude of ways. One example that was readily apparent was the washout of the road at North Cedar Brook and Linden Drive which left approximately 30 feet of water main hanging in the air. With limited resources available throughout the county, Pine Brook Water mobilized EZ Excavating to reinstall a culvert and rebuild the road. What was estimated to take months to repair was fixed and reopened in a matter of days. The District worked with FEMA and Boulder County to cover the costs of this project. The following link includes an article and time-lapse video of the reconstruction process.